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  Vision & Mission and Values


Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi believes that customers and employees are the source of its strength after the help of Allah Almighty, so the company aims to the following:

  • to provide excellent experience for our customers through good performance during the implementation of their projects at the best technical solutions, lowest financial costs and purest environmental services.
  • To develop our employees in all aspects, whether regarding their incomes, work knowledge or ensuring the stability of their current and future career.

Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi Company seeks to develop its activities, experiences and the efficiency of its employees continuously in order to become the best company in the region in its field of work.

Our Values Transparency
We implement all our projects in a fantastic way, and with a high degree of transparency.

Both in the presence of our customers or in their absence.

  • We ensure fair treatment to all our employees .
  • We offer immediate information available to all partners.

We make all expectations clear to all our customers, and maintain our commitments with a high degree of responsibility.

  • We offer full respect for our employees, as much as we respect their opinions and ideas, and work on developing them by training.
  • We fulfill our obligations towards our partners with great respect.


  • We Offer our client the actual cost.
  • We encourage the spirit of initiative in our staff and give them equal opportunity.
  • We give our partners reasonable profits.
  • We offer significant contributions to the community.




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