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Since its inception the company was keen on expanding its activities in order to reach a high degree of precision and comment. The Company is engaged in several activities including:

Road Construction and Maintenance
This is the main activity and basis of the company.
The company carried out many large projects in the establishment and maintenance of roads with a number of government agencies and authorities like the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Directorate General of Border Guard. The Company is classified by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing as Class A contractor in the establishment and maintenance of Roads. Some of the company's projects are:

Surface Treatment and road Safety Works
This is one of the most important works undertaken by the company where the surface layers of asphalt are treated with slurry seal (asphalt mortar), as well as conducting reflective paint, signage and illustrations on the roads and the installation of reflective cat eyes, which provide safety for drivers on the highways.

A. Paint Teams:
Specialized teams in the painting of roads.

B. Cat Eyes Team:
A Team Specialized in the installation of reflective cat eyes on the roads.

C. Asphalt Teams:
Many teams specialized in the execution of different types of asphalt layers.

D. The Scraping Teams:
Several teams specialized in scraping and removing old layers of asphalt.
The company has other strength points that help it do its work like

The Company owns a series of crushers in different locations. Those crushers are special for producing gravel of all sizes.

The Company owns a series of mixers in various locations. Those mixers are specialized in producing all types of asphalt.

The company also expanded its investment to be one of the integrated companies in the contraction and services sector where a number of private factories where established, or which are considered among the sister companies in several areas, including:
- Ready – mixed concrete plant.
- Advanced asphalt plant.
- Road technology as regards to roads maintenance and safety.

Road Transport in Difficult Areas
The company has ability to transport goods and difficult-to-handle materials on the roads as it owns the vehicles, cars and tools necessary for such jobs it transports goods, asphalt, drilling materials mud, oil, cement, petroleum products and other materials. One of the main clients in transport operation is Saudi Aramco.

Building Construction
Under the trading Davison of the company falls Building constriction and general contracting. The company carries out some special projects for the construction, maintenance and cleanliness of buildings. The most important of these projects is the new company's headquarters. The company is classified in the third class within this domain.

Electricity Works
The Company carried out several electrical and road lighting projects. It is classified in the fourth class in the electrical work.

Water and Sanitation
The company carried out a number of projects in sanitation and the extension of water networks. The company is classified in the water and sanitation in the third class.

Machinery and Heavy Vehicles' Leasing
The Company owns al fleet of machinery and light and heavy vehicles of Various types and sizes (such as bulldozers, trucks. Dumpers, Graders, rollers ….. etc) where the company is leasing the equipment to do various projects.

Petroleum Services
Includes the maintenance of oil wells and other related matters.

Petroleum & Trading Divisions
Petroleum Division
In 2006, the company established a petroleum services section called (Al-Ajmi for Petroleum Services) which providers services to oil companies, mainly ARAMCO, Joint Operations in Al Khafji and the GCC Countries in the filed of maintenance of valves and wells.

Trading Division
The Trading Division in the company supplies oil and gas production materials to oil and gas companies operating in the Kingdom. The most important of these materials are:

  • Valves.
  • Chemical materials.
  • Water treatment materials.
  • Safety Materials.
  • Industrial Filters.
  • Pumps.
  • Leak preventers.
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