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  Why Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi?


Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi owns a series of asphalt mixing plants, crushers, and ready-mix concrete plants, were distributed in an organized manner to ensure complete coverage of all duty stations, supported by a fleet equipped for road transport.

Means of transport are considered one of the key success factors in the economic progress, because it is the first pillar in the areas of construction, trade, agriculture and many other areas. Means of transport is the first step for the movement of goods and people from one place to anther, and in economic and social co-operation among the various sectors, especially in Saudi Arabia, which is similar to the continent's breadth of different parties. Due to the importance of this sector, Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi Company has put transport one of its priorities, established the transport Division which contains a fleet of vehicles of different types and sizes.
The fleet is managed by a selective management staff with expertise and competence in this field to help the company complete projects quickly and efficiently, and to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the country.

As a culmination of these integrated services, the company entered a new filed of challenge and excellence by starting the petroleum division which providers quality services in this filed to Saudi Aramco in regards to oil, gas and industrial facilities. The division expanded the scope of its services to include the countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council.

During these years of experience spent in the company's filed of business, the company achieved high reputation with its customers through its intensive care, design, management, credibility and professionalism in delivering services to these clients.

Highly Skilled engineers work with Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi Company, and the company is keen to bring distinguished experience to keep pace with progress in this area by communicating with several countries across the world.

The ability to deal with all levels of clients, to provide the best services.

Enhanced ability to gather information and put in organized databases, for study, use and referring to them when needed, and to demonstrate the ability to develop strategic logical solutions at critical times during the project implementation.

We are still fully committed and in a constant state of efficiency and activity, ensuring the continuation of active planning for the future.

Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi Company meets the needs of its clients through its offices and branch offices. The head office is located in the city of Riyadh, and there are regional offices in Ahsaa and Dammam.

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